Welcome to TT Utilities Ltd. TT Utilities offers support and advisory services to organisations which supply, distribute or use energy and water.

The key service areas are:

• Advice on smart metering and the UK smart metering programme
• Advice on energy and water data logging
• Support on developing suitable contracts for metering and data delivery
• Training services on energy industry understanding and communication skills

TT Utilities was set up by Tony Taylor who has over 35 years experience in utilities, energy, metering and facilities maintenance including direct involvement in the UK smart metering programme since 2010.

TT Utilities is an active member of ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association) and Tony chaired the Association’s Metering and Monitoring Group from 2013 until 2018.




Tony Taylor started his career as an technical staff trainee with the then South Wales Electricity Board in 1978. Roles in South Wales Electricity (later to become SWALEC) included industrial metering, heating design, industrial energy efficiency and applications advice and energy efficiency for commercial organisations.



In 1994 Tony moved to Celtic Contracting (later Hyder Infrastructure) to head up the business development team. Together with a new management team the business broadened from power systems contracting to facilities maintenance and became a national and international business with over 1000 staff. Experience gained here included contract vetting and negotiation as well as energy and utility requirements for large, multi-site clients such as (then) Defence Estates.

Facilities maintenance experience was put to good use at Norland Managed Services in 2003, securing a number of multi-site contracts with blue-chip clients such as National Grid.

In 2004 Tony joined a number of ex-SWALEC colleagues at Utility Partnership Limited (UPL) initially to head up business development in this rapidly growing utility consultancy. Over the 10 years at UPL, Tony undertook board-level roles ranging from metering and data to bill validation, energy contracts, energy efficiency services, business development, contract commercial diligence and even product development of data logging equipment.

It was during this period that Tony was involved with Ofgem and later DECC on the UK smart metering programme (representing ESTA) including working in the following specialist groups:

• Meter installation and maintenance
• Meter variants
• HAN working group
• Tariff group
• Microgen group
• Data access
• DCC planning groups (WG1-WG3)

In 2014 Tony played a key role in supporting the due-diligence leading to the successful acquisition of UPL by the SMS-plc group.

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Smart Metering UK

In Great Britain we are about to start the biggest consumer energy-related project since the conversion from town gas to natural gas back in 1967. The major difference with the forthcoming smart metering project is that the target delivery time-scale for smart meter deployment is less than half that taken by gas conversion and unlike gas conversion, which was managed by natural monopoly companies in each area (and later by British Gas across the whole of GB), smart meter deployment will be the combined responsibility of all the competing electricity suppliers.

The plan is to have a competitive energy supply and metering market dovetail with a monopoly communication and data handling operation. This is resulting in complex and demanding responsibilities being put onto the energy suppliers, big and small, and also leaving energy users wondering how it will affect them, especially those with larger property portfolios affected by the smart metering programme.

TT Utilities provides advice and support in the following areas:

• Helping energy suppliers understand their challenges and options under the programme and how to plan to meet them.

• Helping energy users understand if, how and when the programme will affect them and how this may impact energy efficiency and advanced metering choices.

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Energy Industry Training

The energy industry comes second only to the military for using ‘TLAs’ (three-letter-acronyms)! And whilst competition in many areas of the industry has brought benefits to consumers, it has also resulted in fragmentation and complexity.

It is so important, therefore, for staff employed within the industry to gain an understanding of how the various parts interact and what roles they play. For seasoned veterans this may already be hard-wired into their knowledge but for incoming staff a lack of knowledge can leave them floundering, particularly when dealing with customer enquiries.


TT Utilities provides direct training in:

• Energy industry structure and function
• Understanding energy, units and jargon
• Metering
• Billing and Settlements
• Renewable energy
• Communication skills


Training packages can be format as short modules to minimise operational downtime and maximise knowledge retention.

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Metering Contracts Advice

We all hope that a contractual document will only ever be needed as a reference point or anchor rather than an instrument to deal with dissatisfaction so it is critical to ensure that such agreements clearly spell out the expectations of all parties to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Contracts_adviceWhether you are looking to put arrangements in place to deliver metering and/or meter data services as either an energy supplier, metering and data services provider or an energy user, TT Utilities can guide you through the maze of industry requirements to arrive at a contractual agreement where all parties clearly understand the aims, deliverables, targets and responsibilities.

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Energy & Water Data Logging Advice

meterTrying to plough through mountains of information and restrictions to work out what you actually need to monitor key points of energy or water usage can be daunting.

At TT Utilities we have experience in arranging water, electricity and gas data logging for commercial and industrial organisations and can guide you through the options to arrive at the desired outcome – regular and reliable data!

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